The Code Enforcement Division is part of the Building Department and located at the Public Works Facility. map

Mon-Fri 7:30 am to 4 pm

Contact via phone (815) 267-7212 or e-mail

The Code Enforcement Division is dedicated to property maintenance issues within the Village of Plainfield.

Code Enforcement conducts investigations of properties regarding the following types of violations:

High Weeds and Grass - The season runs May -November 15.
Garbage/Sanitation - Overflowing garbage containers or debris on the exterior of the property.
Building Exteriors - Any occupied building which is dangerous to public health and safety because of its condition that could cause bodily injury or may be considered a nuisance.
Accessory Structures/Fences - Any detached garage, fence, shed, or pool which is in poor condition and considered a nuisance.
Sidewalk/Parkway Obstructions - Any portable sports equipment or other type of mobile equipment which may obstruct the street, sidewalk, or alley.
Storage - Unsheltered storage of machinery, implements, and/or equipment and personal property of any kind which is no longer safely usable for the purpose it was manufactured.
Signs - All prohibited signs and illegal signs that must be removed upon notification.
Parking - Any vehicle that is parked on an unimproved surface; parked on grass, rocks or dirt within a residential area. Patrol and Community Service Officers handle all other parking violations.
Stagnant Water – Pools maintained in a sanitary manner. Vacant property with pooling water.
Unsafe Living Conditions.
Code Enforcement can only take action on violations of ordinances adopted by the Village of Plainfield.

How to Report a Suspected Violation
A report can be made by calling Code Enforcement at (815) 267-7212 and state the address and what you feel is a violation.

You can also email or submit a Code Enforcement complaint online.