The "Green Village" Program is an ecologically friendly initiative that incorporates a variety of plans and ordinances determined to be sensitive to the needs of the environment through new development and day-to-day activities in the Village of Plainfield.  The "Green Village" initiative evolved due to the nationally rising green movement and the Village's desire to practice environmentally friendly best management practices and to commit to urban sustainability.  It is believed that this initiative will aid in preserving the existing character and sense of place of the surrounding landscape for current residents and future generations.

"Green Village" will be ongoing and evolve with the passing of time as new ordinances and educational programs are created.  Today, the initiative focuses on enhancing the Village's green network by preserving land in a natural state and providing links between the Village's green areas.  The Village has already been named a Tree City and has been awarded the Urban Conservation Community Award by Will/South Cook Soil and Water Conservation District.  The Village hopes to expand on environmental awareness by encouraging environmentally friendly best management practices and sustainable development practices.  The following items give a brief overview of what is being done with this initiative today.

Natural Landscaping Design Guidelines

Native plantings are recognized for the aesthetic and ecological benefits they bring to an area including:
Improving storm water management and controlling flooding.
Reducing air pollution and the amount of chemicals needed for landscape maintenance.
Increasing regional biodiversity and decreasing the numbers of pests and diseases.
Conserving water and preserving its quality.
Providing historical and cultural interest by restoring and connecting residents to the original landscapes of the area.

To help residents interested in incorporating native plantings on their properties, the Village has created illustrative Natural Landscaping Design Guidelines, a Natural Landscaping Brochure , a Natural Landscaping Maintenance Brochure , and a Natural Landscaping Poster that showcase the attractive flowers and native plants that residents may enhance their properties with. 

The Village strongly supports the use of native plants in landscaping.  Native plants will help to restore the area's natural beauty and aid in creating a unique identity for the Village.

The Village has also initiated a new permitting procedure that allows the Village to maintain an accurate record of where naturally landscaped areas are throughout the Village and ensure that they are maintained correctly to restore the area's natural beauty.  Natural Landscaping Permit Description  • Natural Landscaping Permit Application

Green Village Lecture Series

The Village of Plainfield and the Plainfield Public Library District have partnered to present a series of monthly programs with an environmental focus.  Programs are free and are held the second Monday of each month at the Plainfield Public Library, 15025 S. Illinois Street, Plainfield.  Click here to view upcoming events.  For more information, please call Jonathan Proulx with the Village Planning Division at (815) 609-6139 or Therese Chaves with the Plainfield Public Library at (815) 327-2505. 

Beautification Plan

The Beautification Plan focuses on identifying the green networks, or emerald necklace, that is prevalent in the Village, and then enhancing it by means of landscaping, lighting, signage, and public art displays.  The Plan goes into great detail identifying goals for each element by creating Before & After pictures and outlining attractive areas of the public realm.  The Beautification Plan envisions the creation of a network of richly landscaped boulevards, parkways, and public parks which will help preserve the Village’s bucolic past through a comprehensive greening of the Village’s public realm.  This new green fabric of boulevards, parkways, and parks will provide an opportunity to unify the various neighborhoods and commercial corridors together into a new town vision for the 21st century.

Today’s beautiful, sustainable city incorporates ideas from the Garden City and City Beautiful movements. It forms the basis of today’s progressive theories. The Village’s Beautification Plan will aim to focus on four key components.

These components include:
Stewardship, improvement, and maintenance of community assets.
Coordinated planning and beautification programs.
Excellence in design.
Establish visually harmonized landscapes along corridors throughout the Village.
Village of Plainfield Beautification Plan
Village Announces Beautification Pilot Project - March 6, 2008
Beautification Pilot Project Presentation

Countryside Plan

The Countryside Plan encompasses approximately 1,500 acres along the far western perimeter of the Village and outlines a series of guidelines for all future development within this area.  These 1,500 acres are located within the “Countryside Estate” district and this district allows for a density of less than 1.0 units per acre.  The plan promotes two types of development; either “conservation design” or “hamlet designs” within the area of the plan.

In addition, extensive “Best Management Practices” are outlined throughout the plan and the plan identifies that future roadway improvements throughout this area should be designed in a more naturalistic and ecologically friendly manner.  Furthermore, specific design guidelines area created through the plan for future residential and commercial development.

As outlined in the plan, a minimum of 50% of the area will be required to be set aside as perpetual open space for future generations and an extensive network of bike trails and pedestrian paths will be planned for the area.  In addition, a number of recreational uses such as biking, walking and equestrian sports have all been identified as potential uses for this area. 

Village of Plainfield Countryside Plan

For more information about the "Green Village" initiative, please contact the Planning Division
at (815) 439-2824.