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General Information

A brochure overview of historic preservation in Plainfield with information on the following:
Plainfield’s History
The establishment of the Historic Preservation Commission and Historic Preservation Ordinance
Historic Landmarks
Historic Districts
Financial Incentives
Benefits of Preservation

Certificate of Appropriateness Guide

A guide to the Certificate of Appropriateness process that applies to all historic landmarks and properties that are located in historic districts. COA and COEH applications are available online.

Architectural Surveys of the Urban Core and the Rural Farmsteads

The Village completed surveys of Plainfield’s urban core and farmsteads in Plainfield facilities planning area in 2006. The report Plainfield’s Historic Urbanized Core examines the urban core. Survey forms for approximately 700 properties in the urban core are available from the Planning Division. The Rural Structures and Farmsteads Survey includes approximately 130 farmhouses and accompanying outbuildings within the Village of Plainfield's planning area. Individual survey forms from this report are also available from the Planning Division.

Plainfield Rural Structures and Farmsteads
Plainfield's Historic Urbanized Core:  An Intensive Level Survey and Report

To view copies of the Historic Preservation Ordinance and Demolition Ordinance, please check the Municipal Code Online.
Demolition Permit Timeline