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24004 (401) W. Lockport Street – Dr. John Payne Browne House (1914)

A former single family residence for Dr. John P. Browne and his first wife Maude Mottinger, this brick and stucco American Foursquare now serves as commercial offices and has changed little since it was built.  The two-story house has a hipped roof, its ground floor is clad in red brick, and the second floor is stucco.   The front porch has been enclosed with glazing and there is a rear addition.   Despite its conversion to offices, the structure retains its residential character. 

Dr. Browne had his office in a front room that could be closed off from the rest of the house. After the death of Dr. Browne in 1927, his third wife, Alice Graves Browne, operated a "tourist house," renting rooms to travelers along the Lincoln Highway.   When U.S. Route 66 was re-routed down Division Street in 1939, she had more travelers to rent rooms to.  She also rented rooms to local teachers through the late 1950s.


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