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24042 (519) W. Lockport Street - Robertson Building (1893)

This building was rebuilt after the 1891 fire as a two-story brick building.  The storefront has cast iron columns and a beam with rosettes along with newer wood bulkheads and period window frames. The cast iron was manufactured by Love Brothers of Aurora, Illinois and the upper floor has three double hung windows with a heavy rough-faced stone belt course above them. The cornice features a central panel flanked by curved piers and brick corbelled arches.


The original stone nameplate is inscribed with “Robertson” and is named for the founder of the Joliet Aurora & Northern Railway who purchased the previous building on this site in 1877.  The storefront and cornice were restored in the 1980s by Wayne and Beverly Perry, owners of the Enterprise Newspaper, and they added a new triangular nameplate inscribed with “Perry Co.” 


At the beginning of the 20th Century, the building housed Upton’s Confectionary; from 1913–1915 it was the original home of the Plainfield State Bank; it then housed the Alamo Theater on the second floor between 1923 and the mid-30s; Dundore’s Restaurant; and the Enterprise Newspaper was located here from 1946-1999.

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