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24044 (521) W. Lockport Street - (1892)

This one-story building was built soon after the December 1891 fire and now has a wood slipcover.  The storefront is limestone and while not original, it dates to the period of significance.  The Worst family, who ran a local barbershop, owned this lot for nine years from 1883–1892.  This building was probably built at the same time as its neighbor to the west, 24046 W. Lockport.   The wood siding completely obscures the original brick parapet wall and cornice, similar to its neighbor. 


The building was home to the Plainfield Village Clerk’s office from 1945-1946 and Van Dyke & Bayles beginning in 1949.  Van Dyke (Earl Van Dyke) & Bayles (Howard Bayles) was a real estate business in the 1950s.  In 1977, the building became Baldwin & Company Insurance.  Wayne and Beverly Perry, former publishers of the Enterprise Newspaper, owned both 24044 (521) and 24042 (519) Lockport Street until 2003.


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