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24120-22 (621-23) W. Lockport Street – Ira Vanolinda House (c.1851)

This house was likely built by a carpenter, John R. Kent, who was living just west of this house at 24130 W. Lockport Street.  Jeremiah Pratt bought the house and used it for his store by 1853 as well as a residence.  In 1864, he sold it to Ira Vanolinda who used it as his store and residence. Vanolinda was a long serving Police Magistrate for Plainfield and lived in the house until his death in 1922.  His heirs sold the property in 1923 for $3,000.


It is one of the older homes in Downtown Plainfield and one of the few to remain residential. It is an upright and wing plan house designed in the Greek Revival style with the upright portion of the house being a two-story wood frame structure with a gable front. The façade has three windows on the upper floor and two at the ground level. The side-hall entry is on the right and is covered with a later, Italianate style canopy. The pediment has short returns but there are no remaining details in the eaves. The side wing is one and a half stories with the second floor windows protruding above the roofline. There is a separate entry for the wing that has a modern canopy. The entire structure has been re-sided with vinyl siding and the shutters
and windows are modern but the overall massing and character remains.

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