24140 (703) W. Lockport Street – Residential (c.1905)

An early 20th century vernacular frame house that has remained residential. It is a two-story wood framed structure with a gable front and gabled bays on each side elevation. The building rests on a rock-faced, concrete block foundation and has an enclosed front porch. The windows are all double hung set individually on the elevations.  The entire structure has been re-sided with vinyl siding but it retains its overall massing and residential character.


Originally, in the 1850s, this site was a small shoe shop run by John Howser. Later this lot was part of George Bennett's estate. The lot was permanently subdivided after 1902 and the house was likely built soon after. The rock-faced block foundation was popular between 1905-30.   In the 1930s and '40s, it was occupied by Bert Tuttle, a retired farmer.   Lulu Zimmerman was living in the house by 1955.  Lulu was married to Jesse Zimmerman who drove the first school bus in town.  Their son, William, expanded the garage on the property to accommodate the larger school buses of the 1950s. 


At the rear of the lot is a three bay, two-story frame garage. It was built in the 1930s and has been re-sided with vinyl siding but otherwise retains its overall form and massing. The garage structure contributes to the district.

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