24222 (711) W. Lockport Street – Ward Baking Company (1945)

A simple but modern commercial building that was built in 1945 by the Ward Baking Company.  It represents the westward expansion of the downtown.   Ward was a distributor and outlet for Tip Top Bakery Products, such as Lucky Cakes.  A small storefront housed the outlet store.


This is a one-story brick and concrete block structure with a bowstring truss roof. The front façade includes a small protruding wing of brick and limestone framing display windows that have been infilled and altered to smaller double hung sashes.  An opening on the south elevation also has been infilled with plywood surrounding a double hung window and door.   Side elevations are concrete block with structural pilasters but no fenestration.  Other than the infill of the front façade openings, the remainder of the structure retains its integrity.

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