15105 (607) S. James Street (c.1890)

A turn of the 20th century two-story wood framed house with a cross gable roof built in a vernacular T-House plan that has been converted to commercial use and extensively altered.  There have been additions and alterations on all four elevations which have fundamentally changed the historic character of the structure. Although the cross gable roofs of the T-Plan are still evident, some of those roofs have been extended over additions and new wings added with their own gable roofs.   A stark, modern concrete stoop has been added to a new entry; there is no historic entry remaining.   Although the windows are double hung, it is not clear how many of those are in their original configuration. The entire structure has been resided with vinyl siding and shutters have been added to some windows.   Due to these extensive alterations, the structure no longer retains its fundamental historic character.   By the 1950s, the residence was multi-family.

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