24123 (620) W. Lockport Street – Loscheider/Saxon House (1910)

This house is reportedly a mid-19th Century home that was moved to this site in 1910.  It was one of the first residences in the downtown to be converted to commercial use.  It is a two-story wood framed structure with a side gable roof built in a plan similar to a hall and parlor with a rear T extension.  The main portion of the house remains visible behind a modern, large enclosed front porch. The porch has a low-sloped front gable roof that contrasts with the higher-pitched, side gable main roof.   The windows are all double hung set individually on the elevations with casing surrounds.   An original two-story wing is at the rear. The entire structure has been re-sided with vinyl siding and it sits on a newer concrete foundation but it retains its overall massing and residential character.


The house was moved in 1910 by Sid Gray for Howard Gray and it replaced an earlier home. Howard Gray sold it to Henry Loscheider in 1912 and the family lived there until 1941. The house remained residential until 1949, when Attorney Samuel Saxon used it for his home and law office for many decades.

A small wood frame garage with a single bay, built in the 1930s, sits at the rear of the lot.  It is clad with shiplap clapboard and has small, four-light windows with wood casing surrounds. The roof is a simple gable. The garage door orientation is to the west facing Fox River Street. The garage is a contributing secondary structure.

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