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24117 (612) W. Lockport Street – Wagner & Son Machine Shop (1899)

This building was built in an Industrial Vernacular style, between 1894 and 1899, with salvaged timbers from Mathers’ Mill, which was built in 1835 and demolished in 1894.  It is a two-story plain brick building with no ornamentation or articulation. There are two openings at the ground level of the front façade, one has modern glazed walls and entries and one is a window opening with a modern glazing system.   Each opening has an original steel beam lintel.  On the upper façade, there are two double hung windows in punched openings with brick flat arches. Similar window and door openings are found on the exposed west elevation. The brick is a Chicago common brick and the walls are capped with terra cotta coping tiles.


The building was built by Sidney Gray, who later purchased the property in 1906 for his machine shop.  Gray sold the building to Joseph Wagner in 1914.   Wagner & Son manufactured miniature train steam engines that were sold worldwide, two such engines were used at Kiddieland Amusement Park in Melrose Park, IL.  In 1977, the building was converted to residential and commercial use and in 1990, the Village Flower Shop opened.

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