24113 (610) W. Lockport Street – Horton’s Livery (c.1910)

This one-story brick building was built by Sid Gray circa 1910 in a Commercial Vernacular style with a three-bay storefront.   The storefront bays are separated by fluted cast iron piers with the central bay serving as an entry.  The side bays have original brick bulkheads and large display windows with original limestone sills.
The entry bay was likely a garage door originally but the overall storefront retains excellent integrity.   The upper façade is also split into three bays with the central bay extending higher than the sides.   There is a limestone band and a row of protruding header bricks atop the storefront and ornamental limestone caps sit atop the cast iron piers.  The cornice includes brick corbels and limestone caps and the brick is a purple-tinted brown color.


The current building replaced a wood-framed blacksmith shop and served as Sidney Gray’s Garage, built by and for “Sid” Gray’s auto repair shop.  It then served as Horton's Auto Livery, Jolly Welding Steel Fabrication from the mid-1960s to the mid-80s, and as the Plainfield Civil Defense headquarters in 1977.  It is currently an office.



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