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24103 (600) W. Lockport Street – Texaco Oil Gas Station (1928)

The only remaining gas station in the downtown historic district, the former Texaco Oil Station was built by the James Newkirk Construction Company to serve drivers on the Lincoln Highway in 1928.


It is a one-story stucco clad structure with steeply-pitched gabled roofs. The original structure was a small office with a canopy extending out to cover the pumps. At the rear was a garage bay for auto repairs. However, the original structure was extensively added to and altered in 1985. The canopy and garage bay have been infilled with glazing, though their original forms are still apparent. A new wing matching the materials and forms of the original station was added to the west, creating a courtyard. The complex is now about twice as large as the original and it is difficult to ascertain what is original and what is modern.  Another renovation in the 1990s returned the exterior to its original material and color scheme, including the pre-formed metal roof with an appearance of Spanish tiles.


The current building replaced an earlier gas station in 1928 and was part of the Texaco Oil Company franchise.  It remained a gas station until 1984 under the name Welco Gas Port. Because of its strong association with the Lincoln Highway, the building has considerable historic significance and was listed on the National Register prior to the 1985 alterations. Despite these alterations, the building still retains enough original character to be considered contributing.

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