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24047 (530) W. Lockport Street – Village Center (1998)

Chester Ingersoll sold the five lots that would make up this corner in 1846 to Lyman Marsh for $175. The original building on this site was built by John Root Kent, who later lived next door. The Kent Building housed several businesses over the years and in 1865, James Beggs opened the Central Hotel in the building just south of the corner lot.  The hotel was razed in 1945 and replaced by a Ford Dealership. The corner lot was home to Plainfield's first gas station, built in 1918.  


In 1996, a fire destroyed all of the remaining structures on the site and this building was constructed as infill. It is a two-story brick building designed in a modern commercial style compatible with the district. The storefronts have rough-faced concrete block bulkheads and anodized aluminum display windows with transoms. The upper floor windows alternate between tall rectangular openings and paired openings with half arches. There is a horizontal cast stone band just below a plain parapet cap. A projection on the north façade breaks up the rhythm of the wall. A larger projection on the west façade serves as an entry to the upper floor lobby. The corner at Lockport and DesPlaines Streets is canted and has a stone nameplate with "1998."  A stone nameplate above the office lobby entry is incised with "Village Center."

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